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Dog Off-Leash Season to Begin in Boise


In 2000, the Baha Men posed the question of “who let the dogs out?” Locally, it’s the City of Boise.

Boise’s off-leash season for dogs and owners begins Friday, Nov. 1, at Ann Morrison Park, 1000 S. Americana Blvd., and Optimist Youth Sports Complex, 9889 W. Hill Road Pkwy. Dogs can roam untethered through the end of February, according to a release from the City.

While dogs don’t need a leash, Boise is asking that pet owners remain mindful of pet waste, and encourages people to pick it up and dispose of it properly.

The Dog Island in Ann Morrison Park will also remain open, but city officials caution dog owners that unsafe ice may form on the water as temperatures continue to fall.

More info is available at the City of Boise’s website.