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Do You Have the Glaze? Guru Donuts Throws Donut Flavor Contest


In Boise, there's no donut like a Guru donut. For years, Guru has wowed Boise with its inventive flavors; but a circuit around the hold in the middle can go both ways, and for its Be a Guru Donut Contest, the glaze king is asking Boiseans to design what they think the perfect donut flavor is.

Here are the rules: Show up at Guru Donuts (928 W. Main St.), grab one of the contest's provided slips and name your flavor idea by Friday, Nov. 30. Soon thereafter, customers will be asked to vote on what they think the best five submitted flavors are, and on Christmas Eve (Monday, Dec. 24), Guru will announce the winning donut, which will appear on Guru's January 2019 donut menu.

The winner will receive a Guru gift basket, and sales proceeds will go to the winner's nonprofit of choice.