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Do This Math


Idaho teachers could earn an additional $15,600 per year under a new teacher pay structure unveiled by Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna.

The Idaho State Teacher Advancement and Recognition System­—or I-STARS—would reward teachers for improved student test scores or continued education, rather than the tenure-based system now in place.

Under the plan, teachers would still have a base pay depending on years of service (entry level pay is currently $31,000), but would be eligible for raises based on performance. Teachers could earn between $1,200 and $3,600 per year if a school's test scores increase. Additionally, school districts and charter schools will have additional funds to pay teachers in hard-to-fill positions an additional $2,400.

Teachers who decide to give up tenure will earn an extra $2,400 per year by working under the same contract as school administrators. Teachers can also make up to $2,400 by getting additional qualifications to teach in more than one subject area. Finally, anyone who takes on additional leadership roles within a school or district could earn $2,400.

If approved, the plan would add an extra $60 million to the Department of Education budget.