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Ted Rall gets animated


Most efforts to morph print cartoons into animation usually stink. I still cringe at the animated versions of Dilbert or Doonesbury. (If you don't remember those abominations consider yourself blessed.) So it was with some trepidation that I approached Disposable, the pilot of a new Internet-only series by Boise Weekly columnist/cartoonist Ted Rall.

"Oh, no," I thought.

Ninety seconds later: "Yes!"

At a one-minute, 35-second run time, it's lean and mean, just like Rall, with animation by David Essman. Rall keeps a sign above his drafting table that reads: "What do actual people care about?" Well, here you have it. According to Rall, it's the economy, stupid.

In Disposable, Disposable Dan's "boss' boss' bosses" rake in millions, while downwardly mobile, disrespected Dan is laid off. He then has to rely on his wife and her job at Conglomco to keep them living the American nightmare.

Rall promises webisodes will come out frequently and run shorter than stand-alone cartoons.

Dear Mr. Rall,

More, please.


A fan