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DISH, KTVB-Channel 7 at Odds in Contract Stare Down



In the latest television tug-of-war, Boise's KTVB-Channel 7 is at odds with DISH over lapsed contract negotiations. Viewers of KTVB, which includes NBC favorites such as Sunday Night Football, The Today and Tonight shows and The Voice, have seen a crawl across their screens in the past several days, warning that DISH may indeed pull the plug on Channel 7 programming if an agreement can't be reached. An Oct. 1 deadline has come and gone, but Channel 7 says it's a day-to-day situation, and are urging viewers to contact DISH directly with their beef.

KTVB, like any other broadcast outlet has contracts with DISH, DirecTV, Cable One and Cox Cable for broadcast rights.

"Unfortunately, so far DISH has refused to reach a fair, market-based agreement with us—even though the terms being offered are similar to those which allowed us to reach deals with these other providers," reads a statement from KTVB to its viewers. "If a deal is not reached ...DISH subscribers could lose access to KTVB and KTFT."