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Discovery Center's Operating Room Isn't for Scrubs

Saturday, Nov. 5


The Discovery Center of Idaho's Operating Room ain't your childhood game of Operation—fishing butterflies from tummies and undoing charley horses with nothing more than tweezers and a little dexterity. It also ain't your typical high-school health course in CPR, where you perched awkwardly over a dummy with all your classmates snickering. Operating Room is all about practical education with a healthy dose of fun.

The Discovery Center has teamed up with the Association of Operating Room Nurses to create a day to learn useful techniques like CPR and first aid, plus how to prevent injuries through simple actions like wearing a bike helmet.

So if you've ever faced the solemn realization that your first aid skills don't extend beyond applying Band-Aids, this is the event for you. And if you've thought that CPR might be useful but have been daunted by the prospect of literally being someone's oxygen, Operating Room is the chance to get over your nerves and learn how to save a life.

Operating Room also includes an interactive display on laparoscopic surgery--also known as keyhole, or minimally invasive surgery because it uses small incisions and tools. You can test the dexterity you worked on during those childhood games of Operation and try your hand at keyhole surgery.

So shake out your squeamish jitters and shake a leg to the Discovery Center for some life-saving learning.