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Over the course of the nearly 15 years I have worked here, I have been involved in hundreds of Boise Weekly (or Boise Weekly sponsored) events. The Big Le Boise, our summertime street bash, is the newest addition to our calendar and joins the ranks of BW events that, although they take a ton of work, are a source of pride (and enjoyment) for BW staffers. Topping the list is our longest running event, the annual Boise Weekly Cover Art Auction.

Each week, we publish an original work by a local artist on the front cover, and then in October, we auction off the 52 works that appeared over the past 12 months. Proceeds benefit the artists, the Boise Weekly Cover Auction Art Grant Program and BW.

The 16th annual auction, which was on Oct. 18 at the magnificent El Korah Shrine, was one of the best yet. We raised more than $20,000, with a few artworks hitting winning bids higher than $1,000—one went for $1,850. It is with the deepest sincerity and gratitude that I write we couldn't have done it without the many people and organizations that are key to our continued success, like our sponsors Bonefish Grill, D. L. Evans Bank, Evermore Prints and Van Dyck Frame Design. I also need to thank Lauren Edson and other members of LED, whose deft handling of the artworks was as lovely as the art itself; auctioneer Josh Houk, whose professionalism and personable nature took the auction to another level; Tyler Bush and Deanna Darr, who gave their time and talents without asking for anything in return; and the Boise Weekly staffers who, without complaint, put in a long night after a long day. I also want to thank bidder No. 44, whose taste in art is impeccable and whose generosity is boundless.

Next up on the calendar is the inaugural Boise Weekly Preview Night at The Flicks on Thursday, Nov. 2. For $25 per person, you get a Flicks movie ticket, studio swag, bites from Bonefish Grill and the chance to watch exclusive previews and clips from this season's most highly anticipated films. Plus, resident movie critic extraordinaire George Prentice will be on hand to give expert commentary and insight into what's happening on screen. Tickets are available at bwmovienight.brownpapertickets.com but they're going fast, so hurry—it will cost $5 more at the door!