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Discount Nights at Roaring Springs


Hey, grown-ups: Have your cannonballs been stilted by shallow "family sized" kiddie pools? Has your velocity been slowed by the munchkin-sized length of a regulation Slip 'n' Slide? Well, Roaring Springs has your hairy back.

Now you and three pals can get your fix of legit, big kid-approved waterslides, the Endless River and beach volleyball action on the cheap. Saturday nights through Aug. 13, a posse of four water sport enthusiasts can whoop it up at Roaring Springs from 7:30-10:30 p.m. for only $44. That's $11, plus tax per person, as opposed to $27.99, plus tax for a general full day pass, or $20.99, plus tax for the PM Plunge pass. Not too shabby.

In addition to avoiding the wrinkle-inducing mid-afternoon sun, you can use the cloak of semi-darkness to disguise the girth of your ever-expanding beer belly. Bonus. But sadly, you do have to leave your quaffable six-packs at home: Roaring Springs doesn't allow any booze on the premises.

Also, if you're too busy doing actual grown-up things on Saturday nights--like singing karaoke or playing Dance Dance Revolution--Roaring Springs offers a Thursday night discount as well: PM Plunge admission is only $13 plus tax from 3-8 p.m.