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Dis Raps for Hire Talks Smack For You


The term lyrical assassin didn't come from the ether. It speaks to a rapper's ability to so thoroughly deconstruct a target that he or she might as well be killing the target's ego.

Though there are people out there who certainly deserve that kind of assassination, not everyone has the verbal skills to make it happen.

Enter Dis Raps for Hire.

The brainchild/side project of Epic Lloyd—one-half of the duo behind the hit Internet series Epic Rap Battles of History—Dis Raps allows viewers to write Lloyd their tales of woe and ask him to take up their case.

Part sketch comedy series, part op-ed, part music video, each episode starts with Lloyd working peacefully, then receiving an email and flying into an Incredible Hulk-like rage that leads him to stomping and smashing things in the studio to exact his revenge for hire, using whatever pieces of information are provided in the email.

"The worst part about it for Simon is that you're his twin, you even leached his DNA off of him," Lloyd says of a London man whose brother is tired of him being a deadbeat.

"I'd sacrifice a slice of brain to give you a piece of my mind," Lloyd raps at a woman who left her husband while he was serving as a combat medic in Iraq.

And for those who think Dis Raps just a novelty act, the latest episode featured a guest appearance from The RZA of Wu Tang Clan. That's a guest feature you have to earn.