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Dino Pet

Nearly impossible to kill


Plants can be fickle. Without enough water or a sunny windowsill to sit on, they wither and die. If you're not attentive, your living room will look like a graveyard of brown leaves buried in terra-cotta tombs.

Those of us who can't commit to furry companions or kids still sometimes have a parental instinct and a plant can be a pleasant alternative. Even sans a green thumb, it's nearly impossible to kill the Dino Pet, an apatosaurus-shaped clear container of microscopic, bioluminescent sea life called dinoflagellates.

The organisms photosynthesize during the day then glow bright blue at night when the container is shaken. It doesn't require batteries, electricity or diaper changing and won't run up any vet bills. It does come with a bit of dino food and an instruction manual but we promise, you can handle it. Your Dino Pet can't roll over or play dead, but the sparkly little slivers of blue will no doubt be the best trick at the party.