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Din-Ink Cutlery Pen Tops

Nifty product takes your utensils from writing to dining.


Do you gnaw on your pen tops like they're sinewy sticks of beef jerky? Is your shift key sticky with barbecue sauce and your computer screen smudged with soup? Well, first off, that's disgusting. And second, there's a new invention that will make your desk-chained existence even more depressing—oops, we mean awesome.

Italian designers from the firm Zo-loft have developed Din-Ink, a line of pen caps that double as cutlery. The three-pack comes with a fork-cap, a knife-cap and a spoon-cap that replace your normal mangled pen cap so you can shovel take-out into your mouth with one end and jot down notes with the other.

But this isn't run-of-the-mill disposable plastic cutlery, Din-Ink pen-toppers are heat resistant up to 221 degrees, made from non-genetically modified corn and potato and biodegradable in 180 days. Not to mention, the packaging is created from wood pulp and vegetable-based inks, so it's also compostable.

Though it's hard to imagine Italians slurping down forkfuls of pasta at their desks with plastic cutlery, the Din-Ink pen tops have nonetheless found a number of European fans. According to, Din-Ink toppers are now available in Paris and Milan and in production by Another company, Fred & Friends, is currently selling a similar product on called Dine Ink for $8.50 a set.