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It's a simple observation: Boise eats. Boise also drinks. Boise has a lot of eats and a lot of drinks, too. See, it works on a couple of levels. As we put our heads together to plan the 2017 Boise Weekly restaurant and bar guide, we kept returning to that concept and decided it was a good theme. For one thing, it's a broader idea than "restaurants" and "bars" and gave us the opportunity to think more expansively about what a guide to eats and drinks could be.

The result of all that gastronomical rumination is Boise Eats/Boise Drinks, tucked in the pages of this week's edition of Boise Weekly.

It is a much different publication than in years past—beyond the title, we took a more exploratory approach to the content. Assuming people pick up a dining guide in order to discover new places and dishes to try, we focused on geographical areas in a sort of tour of what Ada County and surrounds has to offer. We pulled out sections on breakfast places and food trucks, sampled a trio of Korean noodle dishes and waxed eloquent about a few of our favorite desserts. We also hit the road for a trio of drinking tours, checking out the beer and cider scene on Chinden Boulevard, bar crawling the Boise Greenbelt and visiting three unique watering holes in Meridian. Of course, you'll find a by-no-means-complete-but-pretty-darn-close complement of listings for area restaurants, bars, coffee shops, wineries, breweries and cideries.

Another big change to the publication is the way it is laid out. We not only divided the content into two sections, but flipped them. In other words, there are two front covers on Boise Eats/Boise Drinks, making it two magazines in one, adding up to 72 glorious, glossy pages.

Just as we enjoyed experimenting with the style and format of our favorite special publication, we you enjoy using it to experiment with the culinary offerings of the Boise area.

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