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Diego's Umbrella, April 12 at Reef



When SF Weekly dubs you "one of the most wild, raucous bands in the Bay Area," you've earned the right to self-apply whatever title you want. In the case of Diego's Umbrella, band members opted for "San Francisco's Ambassadors of Gypsy Rock." Sounds good to us—in more ways than one.

The quintet has shredded stages big and small from coast to coast and continent to continent with its hyperactive sound infused with Eastern European rhythms fueled by heavy marching drums, searing violin and righteous accordion.

Mingling Klezmer with punk, folk with country and Mariachi with rock, a lot fits under Diego's Umbrella—including a live show that gets audiences jumping with wild abandon.

Currently touring behind its latest album, Edjka (Hardline Entertainment, March 2017), the band will bring its signature style to Boise, where it will turn Reef into a whirling Gypsy camp on Wednesday, April 12.

Now that's diplomacy.

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