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Did Google Hear?


It's hard to tell if Google really heard Aaron Stanton, but in the parlance of relationships, it looks like the two are "just friends."

Earlier this month,


reported on Stanton's trip to Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, to pitch an idea to the Internet search engine company (BW

, "The Google Kid," 3/07/2007

). Stanton created after his attempts to communicate with the company via phone and e-mail proved unsuccessful. Within hours of first posting, Stanton's was not only one of the most visited Web sites in cyber space, but it also landed Stanton his long-awaited meeting with Google execs. He promised to deliver news by March 12.

Now, Stanton says he has received word from Google, but he can't talk about their answer. But here's a little clue: He's now moving forward without Google.

"I'm now transitioning from my original quest," he said. He has been soliciting resumes from computer programmers to grow the company he started while a student at the University of Idaho, Novel Projects, Inc.

He declined to call this a "No" from Google.

"It depends on your definition of success and failure," he says. His first objective was simply to get Google's attention, and he certainly did that. Stanton says that his current steps forward with Novel Projects Inc. (and without Google) are only a failure "if success is defined very specifically as, 'Google buys Aaron's company and idea and sends him home rich within two weeks of his arrival [in California].'"

And so the story that began with Google, keeps on rolling with or without the corproration.

"When you have this much momentum, you don't squander it," says Stanton, who is currently sorting through about 50 programmers' resumes from eight different countries.

Keep tabs on the saga through Stanton's site, where he posts updates often.