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Diarrhea Planet

May 20, Neurolux


Someday, everyone will stop talking about Diarrhea Planet's name (although ... ewww). It is tough to ignore, but the Nashville-based band has been on the radar since 2009, follows an extensive touring schedule, has three EPs and two LPs under its belt, and has a new album in the works. Still, it's hard to put a pin in references to the moniker choice and move on. In a review of DP's 2014 EP Aliens in the Outfield (Infinity Cat Recordings) Pitchfork, which gave the EP a score of 6.2, writes, "On name alone, it's hard to say just how seriously a person should be taking a band like Diarrhea Planet." But Pitchfork, and anyone else who has seen the band live, is quick to recognize that even though it sounds like the members let a third-grader pick their name, the band isn't without its gravity. Listening to a DP album and seeing a live show is like the difference between watching a volcanic eruption on TV and standing at the base of a volcano when it erupts: You get a sense of the explosive power, but it's nothing like the real thing. If you still can't get past the name, just ignore it. Someday, we will, too.