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Developer on developer


It's called a fire sale.

BoDo developer Mark Rivers was only a tad more subtle when he called it "financial liposuction" at the City Club of Boise forum this week.

But either way, the vacant lot at the corner of Eighth and Main streets is overvalued and underutilized, Rivers said. He reminded the gathered city fathers and mothers that The Hole is just one project among many downtown.

"It's one development opportunity that hasn't happened," he said. But it will happen after whoever owns it now gets over that fact that there is a bunch of rusty rebar in the ground.

In the meantime, Rivers recommended, with a smile, a giant moon bounce for the kids. And rotating out the Chinese characters on the fence in favor of some Egyptian art.

Rivers also talked about his new business incubator, The Water Cooler, and his plans for another development project between BoDo and the Boise River surrounding a new state-of-the-art city library.