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Dem to Field: Commit or Quit

Otter's campaign manager called out over campaign role


Sure, she operates as campaign manager for C.L. "Butch" Otter's run for governor, but Debbie Field is also the state representative for Boise's District 18. The Republican has coasted to re-election for years, but this year's gubernatorial campaign now stands to influence her race.

Branden Durst, the young Democrat who would like to unseat Republican Field, challenged her to commit to filling out her term in the Idaho Statehouse if she and Otter both win on November 7. If Otter beats Democrat Jerry Brady for the governor's seat, Durst reckons, she might get tapped to work in his administration. Although he challenged her to promise to stay in her seat if things go her way, Field told the Idaho Statesman she wouldn't sign any commitments. She said instead that she hopes Otter would think of her as an adviser, not a staffer.

Brian Cronin, the chairman of the Ada County Democrats, said he considered Field a "LINO," or "Legislator in Name Only."