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Deja Vu


The trio that brought us Crimson Tide--actor Denzel Washington, director Tony Scott and producer Jerry Bruckheimer--reunited to bring Deja Vu, a sci-fi/action flick, to the big screen. They know what they're doing, and as a friend mentioned before this one began, "Bruckheimer doesn't produce bad films."

Washington plays an ATF agent piecing together the details of a large-scale domestic terrorist bombing. Teamed with a group of scientists, armed with seemingly all-too-futuristic equipment, they track the killer's movements and attempt to find out what happened to--and perhaps save--a literal boatload of victims.

Instead of committing to the science-fiction genre like its predecessor Minority Report, Deja Vu slickly maneuvers into an intelligent action film. Washington helps with that. Rarely, if ever, does he play a "dumb" character.

Though the beginning is moderately tedious, by the middle I was sitting bolt upright wondering what would happen next--a rare feat for a movie to perform nowadays. You might be able to guess how the conclusion unfolds, but though I kept hurling my projections at the TV, I never got it quite right.

Keep in mind that Bruckheimer lends a distinct vibe to everything he touches. His credits include executive producer for television, including the CSI franchise, Cold Case and Without a Trace, and producer credits on all three Pirates of the Caribbean films. If his resume is not to your taste, this one may not change your opinion, though Deja Vu is a little smarter than his traditional offerings. If you're a Bruckheimerling, go get this one. :