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December 8, 2004

Discovery Market Open

There's a new reason to bring the kids to the Discovery Center: Discovery Market. This new pint-sized market features shelves stocked with produce, meats, deli items, a dairy case and bright murals. There are mini-carts to push, a conveyor belt to use, aprons to wear, shelves to stock, a working manual cash register and an electronic register that scans products and prints receipts. Kids are free to explore cooperatively in this real life, hands-on exhibit that renders Easy Bake Ovens totally passé. Discovery Market was created in collaboration with The Children's Museum of Idaho and Albertsons Boise Open golf tournament.

The Discovery Center of Idaho, 131 Myrtle St., 343-9895,

Community Theatre Sampler

The recently formed Community Theatre Association of Idaho (CTAI) is offering a Treasure Valley community theatre coupon book for $36. CTAI is a group of community theaters with the purpose of strengthening and uniting Idaho Community Theatre companies by creating a forum where they can share ideas, resources and experiences relating to the production of live theatre and to promote and develop a culture of theatre in the Gem State.

The sampler coupon book gives purchasers admittance to each of six participating theatres for a show of their choice over the next six months. A pair of two-for-one coupons for two other theatres (Encore Theatre Company, ETC. and ICAN Youth Theatre) are also included. Participating theatres are: Boise Little Theater, CAN-ACT Theater, Knock 'Em Dead Dinner Theatre, Prairie Dog Productions, Spontaneous Productions and Stage Coach Theatre. CTAI hopes to present a Festival in June 2005 where all theaters will come together in one venue to present short plays over one weekend. The sampler coupon books make an excellent gift and are for sale at each of the participating theatres for $36.

Trudell Accepted at Sundance

Heather Rae, a local filmmaker, producer and instructor at Boise State, has had her film Trudell accepted into the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. The stylized film about the life, politics and art of Native American poet and activist John Trudell has been Rae's pet project for the past 13 years. It has been described as a politically potent, lyrical documentary about a man who changed history. Being accepted into the prestigious Sundance Film Festival is a major accomplishment--Trudell was one of only 16 documentaries selected from 700 entries for Sundance's United States Documentary Competition. Rae said, "When I got the first call from Sundance that the film had been accepted into the festival, I was in disbelief. I spent the weekend waiting for them to call back and say they'd changed their minds. The following Monday they called and said the film was going to be in 'Competition' and I just sat down and cried. I know how competitive it is to get a film into competition so I was stunned. This means a lot to the film's entire team; doors will open." Though Boise was treated to a screening of Trudell just a few weeks ago at Boise State, the world premiere will be at Sundance 2005, January 20-30, where Trudell himself and the filmmakers will be present.

For more information about Trudell, visit

Boise Community Radio Project Grant

The Boise Community Radio Project (BCRP), a nonprofit volunteer group organized to establish the Treasure Valley's only commercial-free, locally programmed, independent radio station, has been awarded a significant grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce. The funds were appropriated by the Public Telecommunications Facilities Program (PTFP) as part of an initiative designed to improve the delivery of public radio and television broadcasting services across the country. BCRP's Executive Director, Jeff Abrams, believes the grant will further enhance the organization's credibility within the community.

Prior to receiving the grant funding, BCRP was primarily sustained through modest local donations. Now they will be required to contribute 25 percent of the grant money in the form of local matching funds such that for every dollar received in local contributions, PTFP will give BRCP three. Members of the community can now leverage tax-exempt donations more effectively while showing their support for locally grown, community radio. BCRP will continue to schedule public events like art auctions, tabling activities, raffles, concerts and other community activities to generate the required $12,000 in local matching grant funds.

To learn more about BCRP or to get involved, visit or contact Jeff Abrams, 426-0450.: