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December 28, 2005


“A dream brings you one step closer to having to pay for analysis.” —Graham Lawrence

Dear Dream Zone, I dreamt my adult stepson was outside throwing up. I asked him what’s going on and he pointed to the house across the street. I could see inside. His mom, who has neglected him and been emotionally abusive his whole life, was killing everyone inside with a long knife. It horrified me. I felt if I tried to stop her I would be sucked into the madness. —Christine 46, Avon, MN

Lauri: Vomiting in a dream means there is something unhealthy in our life that needs to be removed immediately. And I'm guessing that unhealthy element in your stepson's life would be his relationship with his mom! Good guess, huh? Killing is actually about putting an end to something in our life or within us. Your inner mind sees that his mom’s negativity is "killing off" things in her life, relationships, opportunities, etc. symbolized by the people in her house. The feeling you have at the end of this dream should be heeded! This is your intuition at work here and it is telling you that getting involved will only suck you in and possibly make things worse. Take a good look at what actions you have taken as far as she is concerned. Have you ever stepped outside of a boundary (yours or someone else's) in order to protect your stepson? Perhaps the best defense is to be at a safe distance, and offer your wisdom, support and guidance to your stepson from your safe place.

Christine replies: I am having a very difficult time establishing healthy boundaries in real life with my stepson and his mother. Part of me feels I wasn’t able to “save” him in time from his horrible upbringing so I want to stop the historical repeat that might happen between him and his own son. This was very helpful.

Fascinating Dream Fact: Albert Einstein's theory of relativity was inspired by a dream in which he was going down a mountainside ever faster, watching the appearance of the stars change as he approached the speed of light.