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December 21, 2005

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It's a fair criticism. (BW, True Crime, "Idaho Statesman: Great as Kindling, also Great at Putting Out Fires," December 14, 2005) There is a lot of defending Prater in the article. What Mr. Collias failed to do was bother to get my name or gender correct. It's Heath, not Heather. If you're going to take swings at someone's reporting, kindly do some of your own.

--Heath Druzin

Editor's note: Sorry, dude. We hope this didn't result in too much ribbing in the Statesman locker room.


One wonders if those "Politically Correct" folks, who are trying to convince us that the "Christ" in Christmas offends them, are too offended to spend U.S. currency with "In God We Trust" on the bills. Maybe they use checks, or charge cards, huh?

They argue, "It excludes parts of our population, so we shouldn't use the term 'Christmas.'" Well, almost everything excludes someone in the world ... hell, Budweiser commercials don't include me. I drink Coors. But the talking frogs are still kinda cool.

So, even if our Christmas lights exclude you, don't they look great? And who can argue with free stuff? It is bought with U.S. currency, however, so ...

Well, if this holiday offends your sensibilities, Easter is really gonna ruin your spring. Guess what we celebrate then? Then of course, Labor day will exclude my cousin Jerry, 'cuz he hasn't worked in years. He'll be offended that we all get the day off. Cinco de Mayo? Sorry. No hablar... eh, uh, well, you know. Independence Day? What about all the co-dependant folks? Where's their holiday? Halloween? Candy is bad for me, according to my dentist, so he and I will be boycotting the costume shops. Thanksgiving?! Don't even get me started on turkey abuse.

Then of, course, it will be EX-MAS season again. It's gonna be a busy year.

--Paul Peterson,


liberal defined

In letters from several people, both Ted Rall and Bill Cope were accused of being radical leftists. I think a more appropriate label would be "liberal." I would like to share my dictionary with the authors of these articles. They are pretty old and thumbed through countless times, but in my old frazzled dictionary, the word "liberal" means, among other things, not narrow in opinion or judgment, tolerant, not orthodox.

In an exteremly conservative state such as Idaho, such people are rather rare, but very, very important in our efforts to keep some level of balance in our political and social lives I congratulate both Rall and Cope for fulfilling a very important role for us.

--Tom Edgar,


Rall Rage

I looked on your Web site for a disclaimer about guest opinion columns stating that the views of the authors aren't those of the Boise Weekly, and indeed couldn't find any as such.

I conclude, therefore, that not only does BW condone the misinformation regularly present in Mr. Rall's column (i.e. bogus allegations of indictments of treason), but similarly endorses the appellation of our troops as "poorly paid contract killers."

I've yet to see an editor's note correcting Mr. Rall's column or a retraction of misstatements (even those that are objectively and provably wrong, such as the twisting of the indictment against Scooter Libby). Either the editor is AWOL, or else he places agenda above integrity and accuracy. Both ways, he's unfit for the job.

So, our eyes turn to the publisher of Boise Weekly, as we wonder if she'll do the right thing and demand accuracy from her editorial staff.

--Philip Prindeville, Boise

Editor's Note: As you correctly noted, Ted's columns appear on our opinion page. We feel that heading, combined with his by-line (as opposed to an inclusive title like the Idaho Statesman's "Our View" editorials), makes it clear that Ted's opinions, spin and words are his own.

But in case you're looking for a clarification of the difference between news and opinion, here's a lesson. News: "It's cold outside." Opinion: "You spend way, way too much time posting the same criticism over and over again on our Web site." News: "Christmas is on December 25." Opinion: "Seriously, "Philip, do you, like, have a job?" Well, maybe that last one isn't really an opinion, but you get the idea.