Dear poor Broncos . . .


Boise State students opened their campus e-mail accounts recently to a message that looked like it contained some must-know student information or at least a very seductive offer. The subject line read, "In case you didn't know."

Students who clicked on the e-mail opened a message that read in bold letters, "AN ARMY OF ONE STUDENT LOAN REPAYMENT."

"Dear BSU Bronco's [sic]," it began, before telling Bronco folk about the Army's College Loan Repayment Program and touting the biggest enlistment bonus ever--up to $20,000.

Cash offers usually look nice to poor Broncos living on student loan scrapings, but some Broncos bucked the offer. They wondered how the e-mail ever reached their account--their SPAM free, stick-to-student-business BroncoMail account. Others sent harsh replies to the recruiters, condemning the current Iraq war and demanding that their names be removed from any recruiting list.

In case you didn't know, that e-mail was perfectly legal and BroncoMail isn't SPAM free. The government, under the Solomon Amendment, recently forced Boise State officials to turn over what university spokesperson Frank Zang called directory information on upperclassmen--and that include e-mail addresses. The amendment allows the Secretary of Defense to deny federal funding to colleges and universities that prevent military recruitment on campus. According to Zang, student info was sent to the Army in September. In October the Air Force wanted some names and the Navy has recently asked to add Broncos to their list.

--Carissa Wolf