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Dear Governor Otter: Here's the True State of the State

Idahoans offer their own message on the state of the state for 2015


When Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter takes the podium at the Idaho Statehouse on Monday, Jan. 12, it will be the beginning of the end for the thrice-elected chief executive—Otter will launch his third, and presumably last, term as governor and deliver a State of the State address that should sound pretty familiar: He'll tout education, transportation and economic reforms while his critics will undoubtedly push back against what they say is Otter's agenda to cut services in favor of tax breaks. Thus will begin the 63rd first regular session of the Idaho Legislature—a tug-of-war that could stretch into early spring.

Instead of leaning on pundits or Statehouse regulars, Boise Weekly turned to a slice of Idaho's citizenry to offer their own interpretations of how they see the state of the state of Idaho. They also weighed in on what they hoped Otter might include in his own message. BW asked an activist, artist, caregiver, environmentalist, newcomer, political freshman, political veteran, small business owner, student and teacher to offer what they see as "The True State of the State."