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Deadline for Boise Weekly's Black & White Photo Contest!

See what we did there?


Our annual Black & White Photo Contest is like a dry martini: a classic. Now in its 14th year, the contest has long been a chance for locals to show off their photography chops and it still is, but now, this classic comes with a twist (or two).

For the first time ever, we've gone digital, and you can submit your entries online only at We know, we know—this was a long time coming. Just to show you how committed we are to change, we've added another twist: A People's Choice award, chosen by you. Voting starts—online, of course—Thursday, June 2 at

The deadline for the Black & White Photo Contest 2016 is Wednesday, June 1, and entrants must be 13 or older to participate. The categories are People, Places or Things; the cost of each entry is $5; you can submit as many entries as you like; and the winning entry will be published on the cover of the June 15, edition of Boise Weekly