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David Bazan at Neurolux


David Bazan, former lead singer of Christian emo act Pedro the Lion, is known for his knife-sharp lyrics and molasses-slow, baritone delivery. Songs off of Pedro the Lion's 1998 debut album, It's Hard to Find a Friend, include lines like, "Laziness cuts me like fine cutlery" and "The breakfast cereal talked / more than we did all day long."

Bazan went on to record three more albums and five EPs under the moniker Pedro the Lion--touring with the likes of Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie and Casey Wescott from Fleet Foxes--before embarking on his own solo career.

Curse Your Branches, Bazan's first solo LP released under his own name in 2009, isn't too much of a drastic departure from Pedro the Lion--Bazan is still a storyteller at heart, with a low, slow enunciation that forces listeners to linger on every syllable.

The album's title track includes the chorus, "All fallen leaves should curse their branches / for not letting them decide where they should fall / and not letting them refuse to fall at all."

Bazan will stop into Neurolux on Friday, Sept. 10, with Seattle's Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band.