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Date Night at the Western Idaho Fair

Virtually everything you need


The Western Idaho Fair is filled with more than 300 vendor booths food displaying diet treatments, UV saunas, pressure washers, new Scentsy vaporizers and everything in between—including romance. Among the booths, a trend started to emerge: all the elements of the perfect date night.

Begin your date at the Kitchen Craft booth. The cookware supplier from Wisconsin gives free miniature cooking classes in its cramped quarters. Learn how to make a fancy dinner for your date and plant the seed that one day, you may be picking out pots and pans together.

Then move on to So Relax California, a booth staffed by a handful of female masseuses with strong hands, and get a couples' 10-minute massage for a few dollars.

Once you're nice and relaxed, it's the perfect time to mosey over for a sample at the Nectar of the Vine booth, where flavored powders, wine and ice are combined to create a too-sweet slushy in flavors like Belgium chocolate coconut, wild cherry, caramel apple and cranberry acai.

Next, venture to Snake River Pool and Spa and try out the myriad hot tubs bubbling all over the fairgrounds. You and your date know each other pretty well by now, so you're probably ready to move on the Pure Romance booth, where you'll find a variety of lotions and massage oils—mostly tame stuff. If the match is right, Mattress Firm is right next door with a lovely selection of Tempur-Pedic beds.

Experience date night at the Western Idaho Fair. You'll want for nothing.