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DamNation: Are Idaho Dams Even Useful?

Tuesday, October 14 at Boise State University


Fantasies of dynamite, waterfalls and free-flowing rivers fill the documentary DamNation with the intensity of a summer blockbuster. The film, screening at the Boise State University Student Union Building on Tuesday, Oct. 14, follows the construction of some 75,000 dams in the country, and questions whether they've outlived their usefulness.

The documentary, distributed by outdoor clothing company Patagonia, delves into the negative effects of dams, like the impact on salmon migration, and explores the idea of removing the four dams on the lower Snake River.

Jim Waddell--who helped create the film after working for the Army Corps of Engineers on a study showing the Lower Snake River dams are losing money--will take part in a panel discussion following the screening, as will Pat Ford, former executive director of Save Our Wild Salmon.

The event is presented by Idaho Rivers United and the Boise State University Geosciences Club. Tickets cost $5 general admission, $1 for students. The film starts at 7 p.m.