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Let this online service help you find the strong suit you never knew you had.


Education expert Sir Ken Robinson created a stir with his speech, Changing Education Paradigms, in which he criticized the modern school system for being as boring as kids say it is.

"The problem is that the current system of education was designed and conceived and structured for a different age. It was conceived in the intellectual culture of the Enlightenment and in the economic circumstances of the Industrial Revolution," Robinson said.

But now, you can kick old education paradigms to the curb—in a hobby sense at least—with Dabbler. Dabbler is a monthly email newsletter that makes a simple offer: one new hobby, every month. Winemaking, knitting, perfuming, whisky-tasting, bookbinding, stargazing and much more.

On the 15th of every month, a curated package of how-to materials on a chosen topic will be delivered to your email inbox for you to dabble in, short attention span-style.

What's in the package? "Several billion notes, book recommendations, background, how-to's, a million and one links for further study and anything else we think you'd find half-useful," says the company's website,

The hobbies are all chosen by Dabbles, meaning it's a strange and exciting mystery what you and your friends will be trying out each month. And all it costs is $2 a month, which according to the company's website, is "approximately 10.3 percent of the change hiding in your couch."

Sign up at and let the dabbling begin.