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CWI Announces New Remedial Math Strategy


The College of Western Idaho is set to introduce a new method of remedial math instruction at its Boise and Nampa campuses.

The new approach dispenses with "same-pace instruction," in which students advance their mathematical understanding in a group under the tutelage of a single teacher. Rather, students will be given individualized study plans that will synch their skills with the rigors of college-level mathematics courses. 

Students partaking of the new remedial math courses will attend two weekly sessions at one of CWI's new Math Solutions Centers staffed by faculty teams to give individualized instruction.

In the fall 2014 and spring 2015 semesters, approximately 4,800 CWI students received  preparatory math assistance. During that period, according to CWI, 83 percent of those students passed their courses, but 37 percent of students required more than one semester to finish remedial courses. CWI's new model is expected to help those students pass those courses more quickly by strengthening students' understanding of math concepts they haven't yet learned.

"The new model is designed to eliminate overlap between multiple courses," said CWI Math Solutions Center Director Susan Knights.