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Curtis Salgado to Bring Boise the Blues, Brother

Wednesday, June 5 at The Grove


John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd's characters Jake and Elwood Blues are more than entertainers, they're totems who have come to represent the lives of musicians.

But the iconic black suits, fedoras, glasses and greasy Chicago wail didn't come from the ether. When Belushi was in Eugene, Ore., for the filming of Animal House, he saw a performance by Portland, Ore.'s Curtis Salgado, then ran back to New York to ape Salgado's style on Saturday Night Live.

In addition to his solo work, Salgado has also collaborated with Robert Cray Band and the legendary Santana.

Salgado will kick things off for this year's Alive After Five series. And while the sun-baked bricks of The Grove may not seem an ideal setting to soak in the blues, the swingin' beats and soulful vocals will set your feet on a dance mission from God.