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Neurolux, Tuesday, Jan. 22


The future is grim. At least, that's what Omaha, Nebraska-based rock band Cursive's latest release would have listeners believe. "Life Savings," one of the leading tracks on Vitriola (15 Passenger, 2018), is a Trump-era capitalist critique, with some bourgeois-bashing thrown in. "There's no future / Only money," sings frontman Tim Kasher. It's more of the same in "Under the Rainbow," which is an ode to disillusionment, chronicling the search for a god that has either abandoned society or was only ever propaganda. The line, "We don't want to know the truth / This bubble suits us just fine" hits like a hammer blow. Vitriola is hard-driving, propelled forward by tight instrumentation (including cello) and zeal. Occasionally, pointed lulls interrupt the action and Kasher tosses words into the void. References to existentialism, nihilism, dystopia and chaos abound, but discordant and inward-looking as Cursive gets at times, it's difficult not to nod your head to the beat.

With Summer Cannibals.