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Curl Up in a Whiskey Blanket

Thursday, Sept. 29, Fatty's


Funny Biz (Jordan Polovina), Sloppy Joe (Joe Lessard) and Steakhouse (Steven Pampel) of Boulder, Colo.-based hip-hop group Whiskey Blanket sure sound like MCs/DJs but they don't look it. Carrying a violin and a cello, the members of WB appear to be heading to a chamber music concert. Instead, since 2003, WB has taken to the stage and used those instruments to deliver hip-hop that blends the elegant strains of strings with unexpected samples (like jazz trumpet), fierce beats and lyrics that opine on social and political ills, as well as self-aggrandizement.

When WB played at Fatty's during the Boise Spring Hip-Hop Fest in May, the trio performed right before Sweatshop Union--the Canadian group was the one that many of the hundreds of people in the bar had come to see. But from the moment Lessard pulled the bow across his violin's strings, that crowd was definitely there to see WB, too.

[ Video is no longer available. ]

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