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Curious World-June 16, 2004



Just a warning to all you naive parents planning on taking your kids to see Shrek 2. A group called the Traditional Values Coalition has issued a warning that the film furthers the "transgender agenda" in an "effort to deconstruct the biological reality of male and female." The group's main problem with the film is that it includes a male-to-female transgender as an evil bartender, a character who sports a five o'clock shadow, wears a dress and has breasts. The advisory also points to several scenes in the film which glorify perverted behavior, including a dance scene where the transgendered man tries to dry hump Prince Charming, a scene in which Shrek and Donkey are chained to a dungeon wall and a scene in which Pinocchio seems to admit to wearing women's underwear. Frank York, editorial director of the Traditional Values coalition, claims, "what they showed in the film was supposed to be humorous, but if you look at the transgender agenda ... there are more serious things going on here." You've been warned! (York Daily Record)


Yet another scientist has claimed to have found the location of the mythical island of Atlantis. Dr. Rainer Kuehne of the University of Wuppertal has analyzed satellite photographs of an area of the southern Spanish coast which was destroyed by a flood over 3,000 years ago and which seems to fit the description of Atlantis given by Plato. The photos are of a salt marsh region near the city of Cadiz and show two rectangular structures in the mud and parts of concentric rings surrounding them. "Plato wrote of an island of five stades (925m) diameter that was surrounded by several circular structures--concentric rings--some consisting of Earth and the others of water. We have in the photos concentric rings just as Plato described," Dr Kuehne told the BBC. Although the site lies within a national park, Kuehne is hoping find the funding and the archaeologists necessary to excavate the site in order to unearth more evidence of his claim. (BBC)


The chairmen of the Bulgarian Foundation on Cosmic Intelligence Research has unveiled a new unit of currency to be used between extraterrestrials and Earthlings. The "Galactos," a three-gram coin made out of chrome and nickel, was unveiled last week at a conference on UFOs in Sofia, Bulgaria. "We are offering the Galactos as a means of payment between planets. It will represent the Earth in financial relations in the cosmos," Kiril Kanev told the conference. He now awaits an official response to his proposal from the Bulgarian Prime Minister. (Yahoo News)


The residents of Fucking, Austria, have voted against a petition that suggested changing the name of their town. Apparently, Fucking, Austria, was named over 100 years ago by a settler named Mr. Fuck, who added the suffix "ing" (village) to his surname for the town's name. In recent years Fucking has lost most of its street signs to tourists who like to take them home as souvenirs. But the villagers like their town and their name and will stick with it for now, putting them in good company with the residents of Dildo, Canada, and Faggot Hill, U.S.A. (Ananova)


The author of the controversial 1991 book about euthanasia, Final Exit, is back in the spotlight with his latest, the Good Euthanasia Guide. According to the author, Derek Humphry, his latest is "a book of information for intelligent people who want to make an informed decision about their death." To this end, the guidebook lists organizations around the world that help people end their lives and the different laws various countries have passed around the subject of euthanasia. "I was in a pub and I was eating dinner and they had a bookshelf full of guides--the Good Hotel Guide, the Good Restaurant Guide and so on--and I thought, that's what we need," said Humphry. (Reuters)


And now, from the Instant Bad Karma department comes the tale of a woman in Milwaukee who died while trying to set her boyfriend on fire. Apparently, this nut accidentally doused herself while trying to pour lighter fluid on her boyfriend, and then set herself on fire, killing herself, burning down the house she was living in and leaving eight people homeless. (Milwaukee Channel)