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Why don't George Bush and John Kerry want to talk about their past involvement with the Skull and Bones secret society? Well, it might be due to sinister conspiracies laid out in a great article at, which anyone voting in the coming U.S. elections should read. Or it might simply be that both of those men, in order to be accepted into the Skull and Bones Secret Order, had to masturbate inside a coffin as an initiation right. Don't tell the Moral Majority! (


Striking a blow for everyone who wishes those '80s pop stars would just go away, a bird flying above an open-air Cyndi Lauper concert in Massachusetts dropped a load directly into the singers mouth, shutting her up for a few moments before she continued belting out her lame tunes. According to the New York Daily News, while Lauper was hitting a high note during her opening number, a glob of bird turd landed directly in her open mouth. "My grandmother says it's good luck," said Lauper after the show, "but I think it's disgusting." No shit.


A group of Buddhist monks in Nara, Japan has blocked the trademarking of the name of a candy called "Snot From The Nose of the Great Buddha." Of course that hasn't stopped vendors from selling the candy to tourists at a giant Buddha statue near their monastery. The gooey candy comes in a package featuring a picture of a stylized Buddha with a finger up his nose. (Fox News)


A federal judge has ruled that a 75-year-old man who believes the CIA dropped LSD into his coffee in 1957 as part of a mind-control project has enough evidence to begin a $12 million lawsuit against the American government. Wayne Ritchie, a former U.S. Marshal and Marine Corps veteran, claims that he was used as an unsuspecting guinea pig as part of the CIA's MKULTRA project, in which hundreds of Americans were given LSD and other drugs without their knowledge throughout the 1950s. Part of the evidence Ritchie presented to the judge was an apparent admission from former narcotics agent Ira Feldman, who worked on MKULTRA and told Ritchie's lawyer in a sworn deposition that, "I drugged guys involved in about 10, 12 (instances) ... I didn't do any follow-up ... You just back away and let them worry like this nitwit, Ritchie." In its defense, the CIA has denied drugging Ritchie and accuse him of creating the lawsuit simply to cash in on the CIA's murky past. You can learn much more about the sick and twisted experiments at (Sacramento Bee)


It would be a nice change to have someone interesting to vote for this year. Like down in Portland, where a dead nudist with his own cable access television show received over 500 votes for mayor. Jim Spagg received the votes despite having died one week before the election. He was best known for a low-brow TV show in which he regularly entertained his viewers by playing air guitar totally in the nude and delighting his viewing audience with naked women prancing in front of the camera. Even though Spagg was praised as a free speech pioneer his show was recently cancelled after he took a dump on air. (


A Chinese man has divorced his wife and is suing her for something like $100,000 after he discovered that she was once ugly. The story goes that the man had been horrified when his attractive wife gave birth to an ugly baby daughter. Outraged and demanding to know how this could happen, the wife admitted that she had once been ugly and paid over $150,000 for plastic surgery before she met her husband. After seeing the photo of his wife before the extreme makeover, he immediately filed for divorce and is taking her to court. (Daily Times)


It's been a while since I've directed you over to one of my favorite Web sites of all time, and now that the site has been redesigned it might be a good time to check it out again. "UFOs in Ancient Artwork" is a collection of classic old paintings that seem to include depictions of ancient astronauts and spaceships. Check it out at

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