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Curious Times: Insanity, dog art and Orgasm Church



A painting by Adolf Hitler sold for six times as much as expected—almost $15,000—at an auction in London recently. The 1910 painting of a figure, which is speculated to be Hitler himself, sitting on a stone bridge was one of 15 paintings that fetched a total of $120,000. While the auction house was thrilled with the sale—they had expected the items to go for less than $50,000—not everyone was quite as excited. "Who would want to have in their house a painting by the most horrible murderer in the history of mankind?" asked Rabbi Marvin Hier. "Any individual that would buy it to hang in their homes should be ashamed of themselves." (CNN)


Which reminds me of the man who bought a painting by serial killer John Wayne Gacy and had his life filled with bad luck. Nikki Stone said that shortly after purchasing the signed self-portrait of Gacy's alter ego, "Pogo the Clown," his dog died and his mother found out she had cancer. When he asked his friend to store the painting, the friend's neighbor was killed in a car accident. The next friend who took the painting off his hands attempted suicide. The painting is now in the hands of an art dealer who says "I'm not afraid of it ... I don't believe in the hocus-pocus and the bad mojo that comes with it." By the way, you can buy your own deranged artwork by psychopaths at


Kids just getting out of high school should check out Popular Mechanic's list of 10 Future-Proof Jobs. Among the thrilling career options are undersea welder, zero-energy home architect, heat and power mechanic, digital detective, 3D sports technician, wind explorer, carbon-fibre plane and spaceship builder, and battery engineer. But 99 out of a 100 kids who read this article will go with option number 10: video game designer. And if that doesn't pan out for you, remember that the world always needs plumbers and security guards.


Reports out of Kazakhstan claim that the government has plans to build the world's first alien embassy for traveling UFOs who need a pitstop on Earth. Supposedly they have allocated a huge plot of land near the city of Almaty where they will build a massive complex that will include guest houses, theatres, a translation service, a UFO landing pad and an alien embassy. According to Talgat Musabayev, head of Kazakhstan's space agency, aliens are currently parking their ships in an underwater UFO base in the Caspian Sea which has been secretly monitored since the days when he worked for USSR's science academy. (UFO Examiner)


The latest survey from the highly scientific researchers at Good Housekeeping magazine either reveals that women have their priorities completely skewed or is a searing indictment of the capacity of a man to please his wife. The poll of 1,000 women came to the bizarre conclusion that 25 percent of women say that they get more pleasure from cleaning their house than they do from having sex. The numbers were even higher with the under-35 set, with 40 percent of women claiming to prefer housecleaning to sex. Meanwhile, in a survey conducted by myself, 100 percent of men say the only thing that gives them less pleasure than cleaning up the house is reading Good Housekeeping magazine.


In Sweden, an artist has been facing court challenges in his attempt to establish a new religion called "The Madonna of the Orgasm Church." Last November, the court struck down a protest from a community group that wanted to ban the name, but an appeal to a higher court has reversed the decision, leaving Carlos Bebeacua without a prayer. The court ruled that the juxtaposition of the words "Madonna," "orgasm," and "church" was unacceptable and offensive. Bebeacua founded the new religion after his painting titled "The Madonna of Orgasm" sparked a violent protest during the 1992 World's Fair in Spain. "The orgasm is God," Bebeacua said in his defense. "The orgasm should be worshiped." (the


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