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Create a Collaborative Masterpiece at Paint 'n Sip's Date Night

Friday, June 29


Date night has the tendency to become a bit dull. But Paint 'n' Sip will help shake up the bland routine Friday, June 29.

Paint 'n' Sip provides various ways to unleash your creative side: with paint, various classes and booze. The house of art has beer and wine available, so you may find your creations going a little more toward abstract. Paint 'n' Sip also has a selection of tea, coffee, soda and snacks available for those who want to paint straight lines.

The Date Night event needn't involve a romantic interest. Participants are encouraged to grab their significant other, mom, best friend—anyone whose company you'll enjoy for a few hours. Except maybe your cat.

But it may behoove you to consider the level or artistic talent of your potential companions. Participants will swap canvases at some point during the class, resulting in a sort of exquisite corps collaborative art piece. Fix your partner's mistake or watch your masterpiece take on a different direction.

Paint 'n' Sip provides regular classes for the 21-and-older set, which involve following an instructor step-by-step. All materials are included in the class fee.

Participation in date night requires a reservation, which can be made online. Painting can get messy, especially when balancing a glass of wine in the hand opposite your paint brush, so leave the standard date attire at home and don't wear anything that wouldn't look better with a little acrylic on it.