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Crash Four, Saturday, April 30


How do you get a party started for which the necessary blood alcohol level is .5? Put Boise's CrashFour on stage and turn up their amps. When the quartet opened for the Young Dubliners at the Big Easy on Saturday, they unleashed the right vibe for the night with a rockabilly version of "Tequila!" as a primer for the audience-wide shot slam.

They were casual in appearance and sonically vivid, performing no-holds-barred original pieces and random Monsters of Rock numbers with a pervasive jingle prompting the crowd to react as if there were ants in their pants.

Guitarist Kelly Martin (a dude, not Becca from Life Goes On) had charisma on high and fiddler Rebecca Gourley is my pick for a new best friend-unpretentious and obviously delighting in her performance.

The Four sparked their instruments for an hour, and except for one requisite (read: buzzkill) ballad stuffed in mid-set, the skintight harmonies and one-two punchy rhythms restored my appreciation for local bands. By the time the Dubs hit the stage, the floor was so appropriately sticky with booze and everyone seemed to feel the Boise band warmth-not just from tequila down the pipes.