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Craigslist 'Ad' for Idaho High School: 'I Have No More Need for It'


The price tag for a northern Idaho high school? Just over $2,000. That was the indication of a Craigslist ad which listed Post Falls High School, promising "many rooms, lots of bathrooms, office, art rooms, shop, mini-store and kitchen and computer labs," not to mention a track and soccer field. The Craigslist ad, a hoax, was later removed.

School officials assume that the "ad" was posted by an outgoing senior, because the "move-in" date was June 2—the same day as graduation.

KREM-TV reportsthat that the Craigslist post included the following comments:

"Tired of this place! I have no more need for it as it has made the past four years of my life hell."
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