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Countdown to Zero: Rent this film!

I'm Still Here: Avoid this film!


Countdown to Zero

How this one slipped by without being shown on the big screen in Idaho is beyond me. Countdown to Zero may be one of the best documentaries of the year (and there were some really swell documentaries this year). No matter your political persuasion, you will never look at global affairs the same way again. Do not make the mistake of simply categorizing this film as a left-wing doomsday doc. It's anything but. It's a thrilling, history-packed examination of the atomic choices we have made in the last 50 years. Plant your ass down and watch this great movie.

I'm Still Here

Knowing now that Joaquin Phoenix and director Casey Affleck were full of beans when they set out on a one-year scam, this movie is either a laugh riot or it's unwatchable. It's probably the latter. As the world found out in September, Phoenix tried to scam everyone from David Letterman to P. Diddy into thinking that he could be a world-class rapper. Of course, he was terrible. And obnoxious. This act was much funnier and more original when Andy Kaufman pulled the same shtick in the late 1970s. Sorry Joaquin, but get your act in gear and get acting again.