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Costaki Economopoulos at Liquid Laughs

Thursday through Sunday, Feb. 16-19



Entertainment is right at our fingertips—literally, one mouse click is like the wave of a magic wand, granting access to movies, television, music, education, live performance, etc. (and, of course, sex). Because of the copious amount of content, branding is important, particularly for independent performers—and it works. Costaki Economopoulos' tagline, "the biggest name in comedy," works on a few levels, helping turn what could have been a hindrance into a kind of calling card. Curiosity may have opened a few doors in his early days ("Let's get this Cost Talky Economonopoly" some club owner probably said) but after more than two decades of hard work and consistently funny material, Economopoulos has earned all of the levels on which his tagline works.

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