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Cork Pops: Lose the wine key


You know that scene in Pulp Fiction where Uma Thurman's character is pulled out of a heroin-induced coma when John Travolta jabs a giant adrenaline shot in her heart? Well, that has little to do with Cork Pops, except that every time we pierce a wine cork with the tool's thick, ice pick-like needle, it's hard not to pretend we're saving the life of some overdosing, blood-smudged starlet.

Cork Pops works like this: You remove the protective cover from the sharp Teflon-covered rod, jam it into the top of a bottle of wine and press the button at the top of the cylindrical tool. Presto. Your wine cork pops out, completely unmangled.

Though Cork Pops might sound like another fancy, wine-accessory money pit that will only shave a few measly seconds off your wine-opening routine, this puppy offers something other corkscrews don't: industrial-type Argon. A refillable canister injects a puff of inert gas into your bottle of wine, sending the cork flying up in mere seconds. A basic Cork Pops will run you around $22 online, and two refill cartridges will set you back $10. One canister will open 50 or so bottles of wine.