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"COPS" TV Show Crew Films Boise Police Department This Week


Last time the COPS TV show film crew followed the Boise Police Department, BPD Officer Brian Lee responded to a domestic violence call.

When he arrived on the scene, he discovered a suspect who had been arrested four hours prior, then returned to his home where he apparently threatened his wife with a knife. That segment was taped in 2006 and aired in February 2007.

Other calls included a Boise police officer returning a lost 5-year-old boy to his parents and another breaking up a fight in a local park.

A four-person film crew from COPS is back in the City of Trees, finishing up filming this week. The crew  tagged along with the Boise Police Department and gathered video that will air nationally on the Spike TV network over the next few months.

According to a news release from the Boise Police Department, during the last visit from COPS the crew stayed for eight weeks during the summer, traveling with officers 40 hours a week—usually on night shifts. They taped 11 segments, which appeared in eight episodes.

BPD has been welcoming of the nationally syndicated show.

"It has been a great opportunity to not only show how beautiful the city and people of Boise are, but also to show what it's like in the daily life of a BPD officer," said Boise Police Chief Bill Bones in a statement. "There may not be as high a rate of crime here as there is elsewhere, but our officers do respond to very important calls for service every day.

"Having the COPS'crew on hand to document the problem solving that our officers do, and to transparently tell that story from beginning to end, it is an invaluable opportunity for the Boise Police Department," he added.