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Cops Taser Teenager in Purse-snatching Incident


Attention, shoplifters, burglars and purse-snatchers: 'Tis the season--for Tasing.

While you bargain shoppers are out this holiday season, the dregs are out in full force as well, ready and willing to relieve you of your holiday purchases. Or, in some cases, your hard-earned cash.

Just ask one Boisean, who was out and about shopping on the afternoon of Nov. 23, in the 8300 block of West Overland. While returning her cart to the store, the woman saw two men remove her purse from the passenger seat of her car, then drive away in another vehicle. She called police and was able to give authorities a detailed description of the suspects and their ride.

Officers coming to the scene met the suspect vehicle as it was going. A traffic stop was attempted, but the suspects failed to cooperate. A chase ensued, but didn't last long. As the driver of the fleeing auto sped northbound on Maple Grove Road, he lost control. The car hit a curb, then a stop sign before crashing to a halt near the intersection with Emerald Street.

Though their gig was up, the suspects made a run for it. The alleged perp caught first by police turned out to be a juvenile. He refused to cooperate to the bitter end, until cops quieted him down with a Taser jolt. Suspect No. 2 made it about 300 yards from the crash before he was brought down by police.

The adult member of the dim-witted duo, a 38-year-old Boise man, was rewarded with two felony charges--burglary, and fleeing and evading--for his efforts. The juvenile faces similar charges.