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Cops Net The Mighty Timbana


Customer loyalty has its downside. Just ask the Pocatello clerks who contained a 420-pound, haymaker-throwing shoplifter-for the second time this year.

According to a report in the Idaho State Journal, Levi Timbana, 23, allegedly walked into Cowboy Oil Truck Stop two miles outside of town in the wee small hours of August 9 and demanded the clerk sell him beer. Due to the exceedingly late hour, however, the clerk could not legally sell alcohol to even the neediest of customers. This act of defiance from a mere retail David so enraged the Goliath Timbana that he took a hefty swing at the clerk, while Timbana's as-of-yet uncaught companion removed two cases of beer from the counter and fled. The clerk, however, was able to grab the Pocatello version of a biblical slingshot-a metal pipe-and hold Timbana at bay until police arrived.

Were this Timbana's first offense, he'd probably serve 43 days in prison. We can say this with confidence because he did serve 43 days in prison earlier this year for punching a Cowboy Oil clerk while trying to steal beer. This time around, he could face a maximum of life in prison and is currently awaiting arraignment