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Cops Find Their Hot One in the Hatch


Boise Police got a big break this week when a prisoner in a Nevada jail copped to roasting two Boise homes last month. According to a Boise Police Department release, Christopher Darryl Draucker, 50, was interviewed at the scene of the fire that gutted one West Boise home and severely damaged another on October 27, and he was initially among the pool of potential suspects. After the interview, Draucker headed south of the border, down Nevada way, and detectives were unable to track him down for further questioning--or at least, Idaho detectives weren't.

While touring the Silver State, Draucker developed a hankering for a motorcycle, and he was collared on a grand larceny charge for attempting to steal one in Douglas County. During interviews with officers, Draucker intimated his involvement in a recent fire in Boise. The combined forces of Boise Police, Boise Fire Department and Douglas County Sheriffs took it from there. Draucker is scheduled to be extradited from Nevada and could face up to 25 years in prison and/or a $100,000 fine if convicted.