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Cop Consolidation


Boise Airport Police are now part of the Boise Police Department.

The airport police were officially sworn in as city police officers at a ceremony on Oct. 1, roughly one week after the Boise City Council approved the consolidation of the groups.

The airport officers are now under the management of the larger department and will undergo the same training as the rest of the Boise Police, although they will be given at least four years to complete the requirements.

The integration of the two branches comes after years of debate over how to best manage airport security. Boise Police Chief Michael Masterson announced the findings of a four-month study earlier this year, which found that combining the departments would both save money and increase services.

The airport police have operated with a $2 million budget and are authorized to have 30 sworn officers. The Boise Police Department has a $42 million budget and is authorized to have up to 280 sworn officers.

Airport police have been working without a chief since former Airport Police Chief Mike Johnson retired last year. The airport will now be a separate unit managed by the BPD's Bench Patrol Division. BPD officials said the change will mean few operational changes at the airport.