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Cool Ghouls

Oct. 22, Olympic Venue


If a band can sound like the city from which it hails, Cool Ghouls sounds like San Francisco. These four guys, who like beer and blunts, have captured the chill vibe of nostalgic psychedelia, while also communicating a 21st century salute to counterculture. Reverb-drenched guitar riffs flow through tracks like fog creeping inland, and faraway vocals find footing through impressive, adept harmonies, making every track on A Swirling Fire Through the Burning Rye (Empty Cellar Records, 2013) a perfect addition to a '60s hippie-flick soundtrack, yet also a modern rocker.

There's something both party-fun and hardworking-serious about Cool Ghouls, which promises a kick-ass live show.

Cool Ghouls would be reason enough to head up the long flight of wooden stairs to the gorgeous Olympic Venue, but with the added bonus of outstanding local rockers Marshall Poole and alt-blues rock quartet Rogue Gallery opening, the ascent will definitely be worth it.