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Cooking at Home Catering Talks Turkey


Are you tired of accidentally peeling your fingers instead of sweet potatoes? Of mashing, slicing, fluffing, stirring, basting and massaging foodstuffs for mobs of ill-behaved relatives only to be left with a mess that looks like the day after Armageddon? Then Cooking at Home Catering is the best holiday gift you could give yourself. Having provided the Treasure Valley with some of the best take-out, in-home classes, party feasts and custom goodies for the past few years, the veteran butcher-baker team of Dave Falk and Tish Kempf are going into their second round of preparing holiday spreads for total strangers. They put together over 50 dinners last year that accommodated up to 12 people with a fully brined and seasoned turkey in a vacuum sealed bag with gourmet dressing, hand-mashed potatoes, gravy, lime-jalapeno sweet potatoes, green beans and, of course, pie. They even provide the turkey pan and instructions for heating everything up, and let me tell you, Falk's poultry know-how and Kempf's culinary skills will have even the pickiest of mother-in-laws applauding.

But Thanksgiving is not the only time Cooking at Home can save the day. While the menu for that particular holiday is pretty standard, Kempf explained that she frequently customizes meals for her patrons.

"A lot of people need a starting spot, so I have a menu with suggestions, but it can be totally custom," she said. The English teacher turned chef-about-town is known for her enchiladas, parmesan-crusted chicken, broccoli salad and nanaimo bars (all of which are served at the deli counter in Eagle), and she much prefers showing people how to make soufflé than craft a sonnet. "I've been cooking all of my life, and I have a Masters in English Lit," she said. "Suddenly I realized that teaching cooking was a lot more fun than teaching writing, and I've been doing it ever since."

If you want to get in on the action for the upcoming triple threat of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, all you have to do is give Kempf and her cooks a little notice, and the rest is gravy. Kempf can be reached at 938-3983, and if you care to sample the goods before committing to a banquet, visit 600 S. Rivershore Ln., Ste. 190 in Eagle.

P.F. Chang's Coming Soon to BoDo

That's right, you upscale chain-hungry public, you--the Arizona-born behemoth of a Chinese restaurant has sealed the deal to open its doors next fall in the 8th Street Marketplace (that is, if the dust ever settles). The bistro-style eatery offers a menu of beautifully arranged dishes that represent the flavors of all five regions of Chinese cooking. From savory finger foods to seafood to delicate soups, the selection promises to be extensive and delicious. The restaurant will occupy the space on the corner of 8th and Broad Streets, joining over 100 other branches of the nationwide family tree. :