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Convention time


Rather than let this week’s diatribe be one of those “by the time you read this I’ll be ...” kind of spiels, I’ll spare you the gloating that right now I’m most likely in San Francisco at an alternative weekly newspaper conference. Sometimes people ask me what we do at these mini-conventions. It’s not really that exciting but I’ll tell you anyway. Editors, writers, publishers, advertising sales folk and graphic artists from papers like Boise Weekly across the country gather and plot how we’re going to take over the world this next year. We share ideas with each other how we can warp the news, misconstrue facts, push the liberal agenda and attack good, conservative, Christian values. We complain about media mega-lo-nopolies. We make believe that we are the only counter-force to “the man” and pat each other on the back for the hard work we do in our communities. But mostly we just drink.