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Controversial Display at Western Idaho Fair of Trump Choking Hillary Clinton Lights Up Social Media


Campaigning at the Western Idaho Fair isn't anything new; both Democratic and Republican parties have had a regular presence at the end-of-summer celebration for as long as anyone can remember. But social media lit up late Saturday with a photo of this year's GOP booth at the fair revealed a prominently displayed a doctored but life-size photo of President Donald Trump with his arms locked around the neck of Hillary Clinton.

The photo caught widespread attention when Diana Lachiondo, candidate for the Ada County Legislature, posted an image of the display on Facebook.

"Holly smokes! This got a lot of heat," wrote Lachiondo. "Fortunately everyone commenting (Republicans and Democrats) agree that this is petty and unacceptable."

Democratic leadership of the Idaho House and Senate released a statement reading, "Domestic violence is nothing to joke about, and we are horrified that anyone would find this tasteless display humorous."

Some Republicans, including former GOP legislator Steve Smylie and former Ada County Commissioner (and current candidate for the same position) Sharon Ullman denounced the display, adding that the controversial photo had been removed for the booth.